Orange Tea Theatre

1,2,3 July at Ostade A'dam Borderlands by Mona Z. Smith

Directed by: Sam Morris

Cast: Gina Lamprell, Leila Gray, Patrick Abbott, Tom Eijkelhof, Sairah Erens, Gunnar de Young, Pinar Karaaslan, Esther O’Toole, Eli Thorne, Sandy Topzand, Moses Trevathan, Gerben Tuin

Music: Ariel Lichtensten and Gerben Tuin

First you lose your innocence. Then you lose yourself. When the time comes to pick a side, civil war does not reward those who cannot choose. For Jelena and Ziba, war will part them from each other, and then from everything they thought they knew about themselves. As survival takes over, identity becomes as fluid as the nation’s borders – just another imaginary line to cross.

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Graphic Design by Sam Morris